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✅ effortlessly convert visitors into eager students
✅ make them more likely to sign up for your premium services
✅ help you be the reason, people get to connect with an entirely new culture

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  • Usage rights to everything, even if you decide not to work with us
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Your website could be converting better

Attention, online language teachers!

Do you love teaching people?

Do you want to share your passion with more people and turbocharge your coaching business?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because I understand exactly how you feel!

There is little that compares to the feeling of, after hours and hours studying, finally being able to speak with native speakers and see their faces light up.

I still remember when I started learning English.

I hated it.

Having to listen to my teacher, Ms G, lecture for hours and hours about things like conjugation, past progressive tense, and will and going to future …

But then came Ms K.

She was everything that Ms G wasn’t. Young, energetic, passionate. She taught us in a way that was fun and engaging, almost magical. And from then on, I couldn’t get enough of English.

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Knowing one language only gets you so far.

And if you want to get to know new cultures, truly get to know them, you’ll need to learn the language of the people who live it.
I’ve made friends all around the world and now it feels like wherever I want to go, I’ll have a place to stay and a friend to show me around.

And all of that thanks to Ms K.

So now, it is my mission to connect you with as many different people as possible, so they can experience what I’ve been unbelievably fortunate to experience, and for you to be their Ms K.

So let us help you transform your website

And all you have to do is to drop us your email address and website down below, so we can take a look and get back to you with

    • a free website evaluation
    • a full landing page mock-up
    • usage rights to everything, even if you decide not to work with us

So you can …

… effortlessly convert visitors into eager students, …
… make them more likely to sign up for your premium services, …
… and help you be the reason, why people get to connect with an entirely new culture.

Our Grand Slam Offer

Complete 14-day website makeover

Stop losing visitors along the way
and get more people who visit to sign up by using a
clearer structure and an amazing customer experience

Amazing & valuable freebies that learners will love

Build trust and keep giving until customers start begging you to take their money

Full-service email campaign management

Make learners look forward to your emails and get them closer to buying

Engaging post captions that make people want to click

Get your audience onto your website by offering exclusive freebies

Step-by-step walkthroughs and in-depth explanations for everything

To keep you in the loop and in the know about what we do for you, why we do it, and how to get ahead of your competition.

Available in text and video and whenever you want.

Our unbeatable profitability guarantee

What others do

  • Charge a flat fee of hundreds of dollars per hour
  • Charge thousands of dollars for monthly retainers

Why we think that’s a bad deal

– spend thousands of dollars
– don’t even know whether you’ll make it back

They can deliver a terrible product and still get paid the same

What we do instead

If we make you $1,000, we get $200 of that

So you:
+ didn’t spend any money
+ got $800 upfront you didn’t have before
+ get the recurring revenue of your new learners, which is 100% yours

Because we only want you to pay us if we actually make you money!

Sounds fair?

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